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Schools of Choice Application Notice

Schools of Choice

Schools of Choice Program

105 & 105c


The following Boards of Education will be participating in the 2023-2024 State of Michigan “Schools of Choice 105 and 105c” program.  The open enrollment period for schools is August 1st - August 25th. 


Camden Frontier Schools                       (517) 368-5255

Hillsdale Community Schools                 (517) 437-4401

Jonesville Community Schools                (517) 849-9075

Litchfield Community Schools                (517) 542-2388 - unlimited slots

North Adams-Jerome Public Schools     (517) 287-4214

Pittsford Area Schools                            (517) 523-3481

Reading Community Schools                  (517) 283-2166

Waldron Area Schools                            (517) 286-6251

Hillsdale Preparatory School                  (517) 437-4625

Will Carleton Academy                           (517) 437-2000



      *Please contact the district at the number listed above for the specific Schools of Choice  

        application process.


The above school districts are accepting applications for enrollment in all grades and programs until Friday, August 25, 2023.