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Litchfield Community Schools has adopted the Bigger Faster Stronger program for training their athletes in grades 7-12. BFS consists of weight, sprint, and jump training that is done during both the in-season and off-season. All athletes start in the readiness program which builds a solid strength base at a lower weight, with a concentration on good form and technique. Once they have graduated from the readiness program, they enter the set rep logbook system. This system is differentiated for in-season and off-season athletes. In-season athletes weight train two days a week while off-season athletes weight train three days. The in-season program has 24 hour and 48-hour recovery lifts that are timed during the week to make sure that athletes are recovered before their competition. Sprint and jump training is two days a week for all athletes.

Bigger Faster Stronger has six core lifts. They are bench press, towel bench, parallel squat, box squat, deadlift, and power clean. Athletes are also tested on 20 yards, 40-yard dash, standing long jump, vertical jump, plyometric dot drill speed, and hamstring flexibility. The BFS Balance Protocol Test is also done to ensure that athletes are well balanced and have ankle, knee and hip stability that is essential for reducing injury. BFS also has a stretch program that is done after every workout session to ensure that athletes are not losing speed and flexibility. Athletes are tested quarterly on the six core lifts that produce speed, power, and balance to monitor progress.

During the 2023-2024 school year, athletes at LCS will have a Bigger Faster Stronger class every day for one class period. During that time athletes will train using the BFS program where they will be expected to chart workouts and give an 11 effort every day. Along with the BFS Program, athletes will also be working on speed and agility workouts that consist of speed ladders, dot drills, triangle drills, hand-eye coordination, balance, and sport-specific drills that will prepare and develop each athlete for their sports. Athletes that are Bigger, Faster and Stronger will be less likely to sustain an injury during their time as an athlete at LCS.

This unified program will be the standard for all sports at LCS so that all coaches and physical education teachers are unified in their approach for training LCS athletes. This positive training environment will build unity and character in our athletes that will connect to their academics and help ensure that we have well-rounded student-athletes with strong character and self-esteem that show great sportsmanship at every practice and athletic competition. Athletics plus academics equal success.

Darin Young
Physical Education Teacher
Bigger Faster Stronger Weight Room Safety Strength and Conditioning Coach
Mike Bills
Litchfield Community Schools Athletic Director

Curtis Lennard
Litchfield Community Schools Assistant Athletic Director

Mike Corey
Litchfield Community Schools Superintendent