Terrier Update - First Week Back

Hello, Terriers!


The first week of school is complete! I would like to congratulate and thank all of our students, staff, and parents for working together so well. We have gotten reacquainted, enjoyed a lot of success, solved some problems, met some challenges, and dealt with this annoying Chinese Virus situation better than could be expected. Things are going a little smoother each day, and we expect next week to be even better.


Bus Routes: We have had to reorganize our bus routes a little. There should be no inconvenience for you. Our drivers will contact you if your drop off or pick up times and plans change. Call your driver if you need any help or information.


Distance Learning: All parents of distance learning students should have been contacted this week by teachers. 6 - 12 students should have been able to access their Plato classes online. They are excellent self-contained classes. If you need any help you can email your teachers anytime, and they are available for phone calls between 2 and 3 pm every day. K-5 students will be provided with whatever they need by their teachers. On Monday, September 14 parents of Virtual Learning students can pick up information packets for their students. The packets will be available from 2:30 to 3:30 at the main entrance to the school.  Please remind students to check their student email accounts regularly for messages from their teachers.


Parent/Student Drop Off and Pick Up: When dropping off or picking up your student, please pull into the driveway by the old elementary building, drive around the horseshoe driveway, and pull up by the school. Please do not pull in the driveway by the main school building. It is important that all vehicles be traveling in the same direction for the safety of our students. The doors open at 7:40 am. Students are released at 2:00 pm.


Masks: All students in grades K-5 must wear a mask in any public places ( hallway) in the school. They do not have to wear it in class or outdoors as long as they stay with their own class and away from other students. All students in grades 6-12 must wear a mask any time they are inside the building. Students do not have to wear a mask when they are outside and able to maintain a social distance of 6 feet. These are not school rules, but directives given to all of us from government agencies. We cannot tell students that they do not have to follow the rules, but we will find ways to help students who are having a tough time. Students who repeatedly refuse to wear a mask could be reassigned to Distance Learning. The good news is, our students have been very cooperative and helpful so far, and our teachers have been reasonable when dealing with problems. 

Remember, Stay Positive, Work Hard, and Good Things Will Happen! And as always,


Mike Corey


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