Terrier Update - Returning to School

Back To School Terrier Tips

September 8, 2020

Please welcome two new members of our staff! Sophia Broesamle ( Ms. Bro ) will be teaching History to JH and HS students this year. Amber Stefanski ( Ms. S ) will be teaching special education for us this year. It’s kind of tough to be the new kid at school, even when you're a teacher, so please help them out and make them feel welcome.


School starts on September 8, 2020. Doors open at 7:40. Students go straight to class. Class begins at 7:45. Students eat breakfast in class. Students will be spread out in the cafeteria and lower gym at lunch for distancing purposes. School releases at 2pm, and teachers work with online students from 2pm to 3pm. Distance learning students can access and work on their courses any time of the day or night.

Screening: Parents should screen their kids for illness symptoms before school. Take their temperature. If it is 100.4 or higher keep them home.  Check for coughing, sneezing, sore throat, or upset stomach. Do not send kids to school if showing symptoms. Consult your family Dr. LCS will contact the Health Department and follow their instructions for any sick kids, AFTER the Parent has been contacted. PARENTS WILL BE THE FIRST TO KNOW.

Transportation: Bus drivers have been out driving their runs so they can figure out what time they will pick up and drop off your students. They will be calling you. All students must wear a mask on the bus for safety. So does the driver. Students will be seated with family members when possible, and be distanced as best we can. 

Buses will load and unload in front of the school just like last year.

Parents will drop off and pick up at the West End Door just like last year. 

Visitors: Only staff and students will be allowed in the building. Any visitors will be allowed in only on an emergency basis and at the discretion of the Administration.

Visitors will arrive at the Main Entrance and use the intercom. Mrs. Gilg will help you.  

Supplies: Students will be provided with a pencil box containing pencils, crayons, scissors, glue, and other items they need. Feel free to provide anything else that they may want. We are providing students with a Terrier mask and a lanyard to attach it to so they won’t accidentally drop it in the toilet. We hope :-). They will need at least two masks because they should be washed and clean each day. Students should bring a water bottle to school. They can fill it at school as needed but we do not want students drinking from the drinking fountain. They should also have their own bottle of hand sanitizer and kleenex too. 

Hygiene, Cleaning, and Sanitation: Hand washing and sanitizing is the most important step you can take in preventing the spread of disease. Hand sanitizer is located by every door in the building. Our custodians will be cleaning and sanitizing every area of the building all day long. Buses will be completely cleaned after every bus run. 

Masks: All students and staff will wear a mask at all times in public areas of the building. Elementary students will be able to take their mask off when in class. 6-12 students will wear a mask in class. Please write your student's name inside their mask.

Classroom Instruction: Student classroom instruction will look basically the same as it did last year. One difference is that our teachers will begin training students for online and distance learning, right from the very first day, in case we have to close down and all students switch to distance learning. 

Distance Learning: Elementary students will use Google Classroom, SeeSaw, Zoom, and Calvert learning platforms. 6-12 students will use Plato, Google Classroom and Zoom. Tech devices are ready for pick up at the school. The school is open on Friday for pick up.


Dear Parents: All of us here at Litchfield Schools would like to Thank You for trusting us with your kids during this uncertain time. We promise to love them and take care of them better than ever. We even Pinky Swear!!!!!


Terrier Time After School Program: from 2pm to 3:30 Terrier students can participate in a variety of fun activities, have a snack, and have a safe place to wait for someone to pick them up. Students must be picked up no later than 3:30, and they must behave appropriately. There is no cost to parents.


The start of any school year requires a great deal of planning and preparation. This year has required about ten times more than usual. Each year there is excitement, anxiety, and nervousness. This year there is about 10 times more than usual. We can expect that mistakes will be made, things might not go according to plan, and someone may be upset. I ask you for one thing - please be kind to our staff. They are trying very hard to do their best in this ridiculous situation. If you are angry about something and need to yell at someone, please yell at me. I can take it and we will still be friends. I promise :-)


Mr. Corey


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